What is Afrooz?

Afrooz is an online school for Iranian teachers. Afrooz’s online courses and workshops provide a space for teachers to learn and practice experiential and creative educational approaches, and to share professional insight with one another. Afrooz aims to help teachers develop students’ capacities to become responsible and engaged citizens and more empathetic individuals.



Who is Afrooz’s audience?

Afrooz courses are designed for teachers eager to engage their students in the learning process through experiential, innovative teaching methods. If you feel stifled by conventional teaching, Afrooz School can help connect you with new and effective approaches to pedagogy. And, by using the school’s forums, you can share your experiences and insights with other educators.

What are Afrooz’s educational values?

Cooperative learning” and “applicable knowledge” are the basic principles of Afrooz pedagogy. The school is grounded in a belief that culture, individual responsibility, and civic engagement are intertwined with education. The classroom is not only a space where facts are learned–It’s also a place where knowledge is interwoven with citizenship skills, Whether it’s mathematics or social studies, any subject can become a tool for developing civic responsibility.


How is Afrooz curriculum developed?

Afrooz School is comprised of a team of educational experts and researchers who develop the school’s pedagogy and facilitate online courses. The courses incorporate the most recent educational research, centering on the two principles of collaborative learning and applied knowledge. Each week teachers learn about a new teaching method and, using games and activities offered in the course, implement that method in their own classroom. Afrooz facilitators help throughout the design process and provide ongoing feedback.


Afrooz was incubated in 2011, with support from the Eurasia Foundation. Since then, the School has offered more than 30 rounds of courses sharing the common themes of civic engagement, critical thinking, and service learning. 




Different Sections of the Afrooz Website

To register for the courses, first you must sign up for an account on the Afrooz website. In addition to online courses and workshops, Afrooz offers a range of resources in Farsi for teachers and parents, including articles, lesson plans, podcasts and infographics. These resources are developed based on current research, and according to the needs of educators. The infographics provide simple visual resources for teachers to incorporate civic engagement themes in their classrooms. Access to the Afrooz library’s articles, lesson plans, podcasts, and infographics is public (no membership required).